About Us


Jiangxi Vicfort Fine-Chemical Company


Established in 2014, Jiangxi Vicfort Fine-Chemical Company is located in Shanggao County Huangjindui Chemical Park ( a Province-level Chemical Park) in Jiangxi province. Focusing on the fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, new materials and environmental industries for a long time, we have successfully achieved a leap-forward development through the continuous development of products and the improvement of core competitiveness. At present, our company has more than 90 reaction units, high-level R&D laboratories and a complete quality control system; under the support of our efficient and professional management experience, we work hard to provide customers with high-quality products and strong technical services continuously.

After years of operation, we have established a world-wide sales network, and some of our customers are the leading companies in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Adhering to the tenet of "people-oriented, win-win cooperation, sustainable development, and keep improving", we are committed to being a first-class chemical enterprise.


Vicfort Fine-Chemical Company Culture

Win-win Cooperation:


1. Take customer satisfaction as the center and market demand as the guide

2. Strengthen internal service awareness, dilute departmental boundaries, take responsibility for each other, and rely on each other

3. Candid communication and active collaboration

4. Overall interests are higher than partial interests, team honors are higher than individual honors

People Oriented:


1. Serious, responsible and effective management of employees is the company's greatest wealth

2. Be honest, do things in a down-to-earth manner, and take responsibility

3. Employees and enterprises are interdependent and develop together

4. Full authorization, accountability, trust and respect

Excellence :


1. Loving and dedicated, rigorous, professional, and detail-oriented

2. Strengthen pre-planning and process supervision to ensure the quality and efficiency of target realization

3. Based on reality, work hard, implement in place, and take results as the guide

4. Striving for excellence, there is no best, only better


Continuous Development:


1. Safety is the lifeline of an enterprise

2. Quality is the foundation of an enterprise

3. Environmental protection is the responsibility of enterprises

4. Innovation is the soul of an enterprise